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What’s on in December

It’s finally CHRISTMAS! We are so excited as there is so much to do in December in Liverpool across the month. We’ve put together a list of our favourite festive events happening. Keep reading to find out more.


Thursday 28th November 2019 by BASE Serviced Apartments

What’s on in November

November has arrived! This month you can expect bright lights, fireworks and the beginning of the Christmas festivities. It’s going to be an exciting few weeks, so keep reading to find out about everything you can get up to.


Friday 1st November 2019 by BASE Serviced Apartments

What’s on in October

It’s October and that means colder nights, half-term and HALLOWEEN! From concerts to scary attractions there is plenty to do in Liverpool this month. We have put together some of our favourite events happening this month.


Monday 30th September 2019 by BASE Serviced Apartments

The Top 10 Christmas Events in Liverpool & Chester – 2018

Christmas is a magical time of year in Liverpool & Chester. The streets glisten with festive lights and Christmas music rings in our ears, as we gear up for the big day. Known as the season to spend time with loved ones, it’s no wonder Liverpool & Chester are throwing some fantastic events to keep us entertained through the cold winter days – and with just a 30-minute drive between the two cities, who’s to say we can’t enjoy them all?


Friday 30th November 2018 by BASE Serviced Apartments